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Alicia Keys Plans To Release New Album Early Next Year

Alicia Keys is basking in the glow of her first Broadway show ‘Stick Fly’ which debut earlier this month. Keys not only wrote the original score for the play but also landed her first producing credits.

Alicia, the cast members including Mekhi Phifer and director Kenny Leon dished on the play and working with Alicia to Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts. Roberts couldn’t let the interview end before inquiring about another studio album from the Grammy Award winning artist.

“I think we got a couple more months and we’re ready to fly.” Keys revealed she’s in no rush to complete the album because she’s still enjoying the bigger joys around her like her family and her new play. Keys added, “You deserve the best and I want to give you the best, so when you hear this music you’re blown away, like you’re filled.”

Check out the interview clip below:

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