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Marc Anthony Slams The Breaks On Jennifer Lopez's Lover Casper Smart

Things are really heating up in the Lopez/Anthony battle.   It appears Marc Anthony is exercising his parental rights by banning Jennifer Lopez‘s lover Casper Smart from driving their twins Emme and Max around town.

After learning Casper was recently arrested for drag racing and speeding, Marc asked…no demanded…that Casper no longer drive their twins anywhere.

According to RadarOnline, a source recently gave this insightful statement regarding Anthony’s feelings about Casper.

“Marc Anthony went ballistic when he found out about Casper’s criminal record. He explicitly told Jen that Casper wasn’t allowed to drive their children anywhere. Marc hates the fact that Casper is spending time with Max and Emme. Marc is extremely jealous, and doesn’t think Jen is using good judgment when it comes to Casper.”

The source went on to claim that this was no empty threat. Marc is serious about his children and he is willing to do whatever it takes to insure their safety.

“This wasn’t a threat that Marc gave Jen. He will go straight to family court if he needs to get a judge involved to make sure Casper doesn’t get behind the wheel with his kids in the car.”

JLo has barely dated Casper for two full months and he has already joined her and the twins for Thanksgiving in Hawaii as well as accompanying them to Jennifer to Peru while she taped her new talent show Q’ Viva!

During the trip to Peru Marc put the show in jeopardy when he refused to make the trip once he found out Casper was coming along.

Jennifer, on the other hand, appears very much ready to move on from her ex as reports already confirm that she is attempting to purge evidence of her marriage to Marc by ridding her closet and jewelry drawer of all sentimental reminders.

Jennifer is not only selling off jewels given to her as gifts from Anthony, she has also given away any clothing gifts as well.

But this may not be behavior isolated to Jennifer’s relationship to Anthony. A source revealed that is always how JLO moved on from ex’s in the past.

“It was true when she split with Ben Affleck, Diddy (Sean Combs) and obviously Ojani Noa (Jennifer’s first ex husband).”

Not sure if Jennifer is ready to heed Marc’s warning but it certainly clear Casper is very much her present center of attention as she is allegedly insisting that he not only join her during personal time, but business meetings as well.

So what do you think? Does Jennifer need to set better boundaries, or is Marc behaving like the jealous ex?

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