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Brooke Mueller Checks Into Drug Rehab

Charlie Sheen’s troubled ex-wife Brooke Mueller, has decided to submit to a drug treatment program. The former actress will attend a out-patient rehab, which will see her monitored 24/7 at home.

“Recognizing past attempts at treatment have not been successful, Brooke has decided to take a different approach to deal with her addiction,” Mueller’s publicist, Steve Honig, said in a statement. “Brooke will be participating in a program during the day, and will be under expert supervision 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, Brooke has requested to be tested on a daily basis for cocaine and other illegal substances so there is no doubt as to her commitment.”

Back on December 6, Brooke Mueller was arrested overnight in Aspen, Colorado on charges of cocaine possession and assault.

Authorities said they found Mueller inside a nightclub called Escobar after she allegedly assaulted some woman at a local bar.

Charlie Sheen recently spoke about his ex-wife’s cocaine arrest and denied an internet rumor that she was selling the drug. “With the child support I give her … she’s gonna deal drugs? Never gonna happen,” Sheen said.

Brooke has recently completed an unsuccessful 45-day outpatient rehab program this past July.

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