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Alec Baldwin SNL Spoof May Cause American Airline To Pull '30 Rock'

Alec Baldwin’s hilarious weekend spoof of his run in with an American Airlines flight attendant, may have escalated things between the 30 Rock actor and the grudge holding airline.

The American Airlines Flight Attendants Union has taken the first steps required to ensure Baldwin and his 30 Rock character can never feel the warmth of the friendly skies again, according to an E! News report.

The union has gone before the airlines decision makers and proposed the idea of pulling the critically lauded 30 Rock from its inflight entertainment lineup.

There is no word of a decision regarding the sitcom being banned, however; as reported by E! News, an airline spokesperson explained that NBC routinely rotates which programs it offers onboard the AA flights, and that not every flight offers the same lineup.

Therefore; if 30 Rock fand don’t find the sitcom showing on their AA Flight, it doesn’t necessarily mean the show has been canceled. Until that happens and because of his SNL spoof,  Alec Baldwin seems to be the one holding the last laugh in the American Airline debacle.

Check out the video of Alec Baldwin on SNL as Captain Rogers below:

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