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Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Where Was Chanel Iman?

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show aired on CBS last night with an onslaught of beautiful women – as expected of course. Model, new mommy and wife Miranda Kerr made her return to the runway after giving birth to her first child. Kerr was honored in her return by wearing the coveted $2.5 million Fantasy Treasure bra. Brazilian models Adriana Lima and veteran Alessandra Ambrosio were also staples on the runway.

During the show, CBS provided a backstage peak with the models along with other informational tidbits. Like dorky pictures from their childhood before they turned into supermodels. All through the segment I kept wondering, Where is Chanel Iman?????

Where’s is Chanel’s backstage clip, where are her baby pictures, where is she on the runway???

Iman revealed recently that she packed on 15lbs for the show by drinking lots of protein and weight lifting. Surely she was preparing for something special. Except the only glance of Iman worth more than 5 seconds was at the end of the show during Nicki Minaj‘s performance for the ‘Pink’ segment.

Did I miss something?

Nicki Minaj performing Super Bass during Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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