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Kyle Chandler Joins Mark Wahlberg and Russell Crowe in 'Broken City'

Kyle Chandler Mark Wahlberg Russell Crowe in 'Broken City'Kyle Chandler joins the cast of Mark Wahlberg’s ‘Broken City’. Chandler who is freshly coming off a Emmy win for his role on Friday night lights will be joining Russel Crowe and Jefffrey Wright in this dramatic action thriller. Writer Brian Tucker follows Wahlberg as a New York City Detective Hired by a Powerful New York Politician (Crowe) to identify his wife’s lover, who is suddenly found dead.

Chandler will be at the center of Crowe’s character political team that does whatever it takes to get what Crowe character wants.

Rounding off the cast is Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Griffin Dunne. Production is set to start filming in January 2012.

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