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Beyonce's Pregnant Cravings, Baby Due Date And Other Rumors

Beyonce pregnant news update: A conflicting due date, outrageous pregnancy cravings and a baby bump conspiracy.

When is Beyonce‘s baby due date? Beyonce confirmed she’s six months pregnant in a cute and funny ‘Oh Baby’ video clip.

“Hello, it’s Sept. 23. Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! Oh baby! This was on the cover of the Daily News. Right now I’m actually shooting the video for ‘Countdown’ and I’m six months pregnant, pretending that my stomach is flat in body suits,” the superstar says in the clip. “But thank god you can’t really tell from the front, but when I turn to the side … Oh baby! Oh baby!”

If you’re doing the math in your head that means that her due date is in December – next month! Which also means that Australia’s ‘Sunday Night’ host who stated last month that Beyonce is due in February was either mislead or made the wrong assumption. The latter is very likely in the case of a celebrity such as Beyonce. But the former is also likely if Beyonce’s camp is attempting to throw off the media on her due date – which giving the amount of frenzy surrounding her pregnancy from day one it’s not a bad idea. The mystery around the due date also covers the questions about her baby bump…not to mention that different women appear different through their pregnancies.

Once last rumor on the table are Beyonce’s pregnancy cravings. On Friday night, CBS will air Beyonce’s interview with Katie Couric. In the brief clip Couric quizzed Beyonce about her cravings:

‘Not really anything crazy. I read that I like ketchup on everything,’ said Beyonce.

‘I read that too,’ answers Katie, ‘Is it true?’

‘Not true!’ Beyonce giggled.

Beyonce adds, ‘I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas. I’m like, that is disgusting! What are you doing? And he’s like, I read it on the internet!’ (lol)

Will Katie Couric get Beyonce to confirm she’s 8 months pregnant and/or whether she’s having a boy or girl? The full interview airs on Friday night at 8pm.

Do you have any theories on Beyonce’s baby due date or gender?

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