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Usher's Ex Tameka Raymond Fights For Full Custody Of Their Boys

Usher Raymond’s ex-wife Tameka Raymond is requesting full custody of their two boys, Usher Raymond V, 3 and Navidyd, 2. According to documents filed in Atlanta, GA Tameka Foster Raymond is requesting a judge to revoke Usher of joint physical custody immediately.

According to TMZ, Usher has not only failed to obtain permission from Tameka before traveling outside of the state with the boys but he’s also failed to get her approval before hiring a nanny and give her the first option to babysit the children if he’s away for more than 8 hours.

According to the agreement reached after their divorce in 2009, Usher is legally obligated to always perform the aforementioned.

Tameka’s list of infractions didn’t end there, she also alleged Usher did not allow her to take the children for 2 weeks in the summer of 2011 nor did he let her have custody during the 2010 Christmas break.

Still there is more. Usher reportedly agreed to pay Tameka $5,000/month to afford her own nanny as well as keeping her Saks 5th Avenue credit card open for other luxuries. Usher now owes $34,000 in back payments for the nanny AND closed the Saks credit card.

It is unclear how much Tameka currently receives from Usher for child support but due to Usher’s newly revived career, Tameka wants an increase.

There will be a hearing on Wednesday to review the long list of complaints against Usher.

Earlier this morning Tameka took to Twitter to clarify that while she did file the papers in court she never stated Usher didn’t “deserve his kids”.

‘@Kizmettt @BernieWess But the headline is a lie, also its negative because it only tells a morsel. smh (sic).’

Tomato, Tomahto.

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3 thoughts on “Usher's Ex Tameka Raymond Fights For Full Custody Of Their Boys

  1. Tasha "#1 Hater" Mack says:

    That Was My Favorite Gay Couple 🙁

  2. My4cents says:

    As many black dead beats in this world, if a man is willing to care for his kids, regardless of the fact that he may have to work while he has them and someone else baby sits….she should let him continue to be a major factor in their lives. People are always so quick to sue over money and other peronsal issues, but just ask yourself is this the right thing for my boys and you will get your answer.

  3. sweetness says:

    I had always known that that damn Tameka was A BIG TIME GOLD DIGGER! Why don’t stop using excuses to get money from Usher!!

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