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Rihanna Is The Most Iconic Person Period Says Rapper Drake

Rihanna is the most iconic figure right now, period…says Drake. Is he far off? The ‘Man Down’ singer is having a tremendous year thus far. Last month Rihanna was busy surpassing Stevie Wonder and Janet Jackson when she grabbed her 11th no. 1 single. This month she’s breaking records in the UK for being the first female artist to have a no. 1 single and a no. 1 album in the top spot twice in the same year! Rihanna accomplished the same feat in January of this year with ‘Loud’ and ‘What’s My Name’.

Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ from her current 6th studio album ‘Talk That Talk‘ is her sixth no. 1 single on the UK charts..another record for a female artist according to Billboard.

It’s unclear if rapper, Drake had any of these stats in mind while he sat down with Google Music to promote his own top charting sophomore album ‘Take Care’.

On the subject of Rihanna and his other favorite Nicki Minaj:

“I think my goal was something that moves. I really wanted to bring her into our world but still allow her to be herself. I think she really shines bright. She comes from a place that’s so rich in culture, so rich in music, but being what I feel like, the most iconic female period right now–next to Nicki Minaj, of course… [Nicki is] just doing incredible, she’s my favorite person.”

If Drake is willing to put Nicki Minaj ahead Rihanna for current iconic status then he was clearly not considering the numbers. Either way, is there an argument for Rihanna as an icon right now?

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  1. Sunshine67 says:

    I believe rapper Drake and other music producers want Rihanna to be the most iconic person in the music business. Personally, I do not think she is the most iconic person in the music industry. She seems to be doing well for herself. But the most iconic would have to go to Beyonce. The things Rihanna does has been done before: the hats (Boy George of Culture Club), the sexy gloves (Lisa from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Janet Jackson & Vanity 6), the haircuts (Janet Jackson, Halle Berry and Lisa from Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam), the big hair bows (Whitney Houston and Prince’s Vanity 6) It’s refreshing to see Rihanna bring back the 80’s and early 90’s style but it is not a trend setter or iconic, it is just a replay. On the other hand, it’s not like we have a lot of female talents & trend setters to choose from. Back in the day we had tons: Gladys Knight, Phyllis Hyman, Celine Dion, Patti LaBelle, Janet Jackson, Miki Howard, Natalie Cole, Anita Baker, Stephanie Mills, Martha Wash, Mariah Carey, Vesta Williams, EnVogue, Chaka Khan, Regina Belle, CeCe Peninston, Lisa from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam,Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and much more. Going to to record stores was like going to the candy store, everything was sweet but you could only choose one or two to buy. You couldn’t wait for the next month’s Ebony, Essence or Jet issue to see which singer or celebrity would be on it’s pages. Now you can pretty much guess who will grace the covers and pages of these still great magazines. Back to Beyonce, the sexiness & energy she puts into her performance is only a reminder of three artists and that is Janet, J-Lo and the great Tina Turner. Paula Abdul could dance but she didn’t, she decided to be more of a behind the scenes, helping other artists. However, Beyonce is like a combination of all of them and this African style dance she puts into her moves. She also has an all girl band and she always promote unity among females. She is a black female with blond hair. Rihanna’s red hair is Toni Braxton, again Lisa from Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam inspired. The more I think about it, almost her whole style reminds me of Lisa from Lisa Lisa Cult Jam. There is nothing wrong with that, I use to rock those same styles back in the day but that didn’t make me a trendsetter, maybe a trend follower. However, what I mentioned earlier are a few reasons Beyonce is iconic, she brought to the fore front what a lot of artists were afraid to bring to the fore front in fear of being too sexy for t.v. or publicity. Beyonce is simply a great entertainer. What most artists wait to do on tour, which you have to pay to see. Beyonce does on award shows and talk show appearances. I think Rihanna is great but she is not different from a lot of female artists out there right now, she just gets more attention in my opinion.

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