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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Ridickulous Sparks Controversy

UPDATE-Last night’s Real Housewives of Atlanta episode turned out to be simply ridiculous–or shall we say, Ridickulous affair after a stripper with extra talents sent both Kandi Burruss’s 35th birthday party and her mother into a tailspin!

Kandi’s birthday bash on the rooftop of Midtown Atlanta’s Renaissance Hotel started off on a classy note, with a few close friends and family members gathering to celebrate Kandi, but, in keeping with her Dirty 30 theme, the party quickly veered into XXX territory when Real Housewife Phaedra rolled in a package containing her client, Ridickulous, a male stripper with a special ability to, well, orally pleasure himself. When he showed off his “talent,” Nene Leakes, a former stripper who admitted in her autobiography ‘Never Make the Same Mistake Twice’ that she worked in an Atlanta-area jack shack seemed offended by the stripper. And mama Joyce, who’s also familiar with strippers ran for the exit while cursing out her daughter Kandi for subjecting her to what she clearly thought was the ultimate in nasty.

Meanwhile,   Cynthia Bailey further fanned the flames of her family drama by attempting to squash the feud between Peter and her sister, Malorie, who, last season, plotted to stop the wedding between the model and her club owner boyfriend by hiding their marriage certificate. A talk orchestrated by Cynthia and designed to get the two to make up quickly devolved into a screaming match; later, Malorie questioned Peter’s financial prowess and business acumen–a move that left Cynthia telling her sister she needed stay out of her marriage and stop questioning and harassing her husband.

The bickering came as a prominent investor passed along a $40,000 rubber check to Peter, who needed the money to open his new lounge, Bar One. Next week’s episode promises to be a doosie: Will Cynthia give up her dreams to open her own modeling agency to loan Peter the cash he needs for yet another bar he may not be able to keep open? Will Cynthia and Malorie speak again? Will Kandi’s mother stay mad at her daughter over the Ridickulous fiasco? Will Phaedra, who apologized to Kim for last week’s screaming match between her husband Apollo and Peter at Kim’s baby shower, pull together yet another “apology gift”–this one for embarrassing the mess out of mama Joyce?

Former CNN journalist Roland Martin tweeted his disgust of the show: “If you watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta last night #RHOA, you have a lot of brain cells missing this morning. Pure TRASH/GHETTO TV”

That means Roland is also missing brain cells? It’s certainly a guilt pleasure and we’ll be tuning in next week because we’ve got questions that needs answers!

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