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Mary J. Blige Talks Evolution To My Life II

Mary J. Blige, an R&B icon who’s been a constant fixture in the industry for 20 years is talking her evolution from her 1994 album debut ‘My Life” to 2011 ‘My Life II: The Journey Continues (Act 1).

Mary J. Blige, 40, had this to say when she stopped by Chelsea Lately on Friday night,

‘My Life II is the evolution of how far we’ve come. [With the 1994 album My Life’] we were borderline suicide – I know I was – and when I reached out and said I was hurting so bad, it was the only place I could say that.’

‘I didn’t have a way to express myself period, in life. I didn’t have anyone to talk to. So I reached out and I gained a fan base that was hurting just like me.’

‘About four million responded to that and it turned out we were all suffering at the same time and didn’t want to be here.’

Mary continues to share her insights with Chelsea even choking up at one point. Watch the video below.

In a previous interview with Wall Street Journal Blige talked about what retirement will look like:

I’m definitely going to retire at some point. Retire in the way where you can say, “Call me when you need me.” Or make an album when you want to. Right now, it’s demand, demand, demand. There’s going to be a time when you’re not in demand, and you can just hopefully say, “I’m going to go downstairs to my studio and record.” But I have to sing, yes, because it makes me feel good. It’s healing for me, not just for my fans.

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