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Keri Hilson Disses Beyonce; Nicki Minaj Premieres ‘Y U Mad’ Video

Singer Keri Hilson and Beyonce got beef? While rumors swirled in the past that there was contention, Beyonce nor Keri ever addressed the rumor directly. But Keri made her position clear at the Soul Train music awards (airing tonight on BET) red carpet. While Keri walked the red carpet, in a gorgeous grey dress we may add, she stopped by Juicy Magazine. Juicy mag had previously convinced other celebs to hold up the magazine and do a quick shout out. Not harm no foul, right? Not so for Keri Hilson who rejected the offer after she observed Beyonce and Jay-Z were on the cover!! Watch the video clip below from several angles and even in slow motion.

Beyonce Pregnant Pictures

Nicki Minaj Premieres The Female Weezy In ‘Y U Mad’ Music Video

Nicki Minaj dropped a verse on ‘Y U Mad’ featuring her Young Money label bosses Birdman and Lil Wayne but first let’s address the minor twitter beef on Friday between Nicki Minaj’s Barbs and Cher’s……fans. On Friday a fan brought to Cher’s attention that Nicki dissed her in ‘Did It On ‘Em’ with this line: ”If you could turn back time, Cher / You used to be here, now you’re gone, Nair” Surprisingly Cher responded: “Ive seen lots of people come & go! Nobiggie!”

Not surprisingly however, Nicki’s hype man and beau Safaree jumped in the melee: “yo @cher listen to the words b4 you say dumb sh*t on twitter… do you know what a rap metaphore is???” Cher responded with what should perhaps serve as an example of the right actions when you’ve been found in error: “U R right ! Someone said I was dissed..I’ve been dissed b4,but instead of finding out I just got defensive ! I should know better.”

The tweets have since been deleted and we’re moving on…

Back to ‘Y U Mad’ which seems so fitting at this point, Nicki turned into what she calls ‘The Female Weezy‘ and drops the intro verse. Birdman and the real Weezy follows. Watch it below:

Nicki Minaj’s ‘Y U Mad’

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