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Rihanna Offers Advice To Brother In Intimate Home Video

‘Man Down’ singer Rihanna is dishing some advice to her younger brother, Rajad in an intimate home video narrated by Jay-Z and released on Thanksgiving Day.

Rihanna has accomplished quite a bit since signing with Jay-Z’s Def Jam in 2004. Jay-Z has since left the label but mentored and groomed Rihanna into now a bonafide pop star who’s touring the world, breaking records and selling millions of records along the way. So it’s quite fitting that she can dish out some loving advice on work ethic to her brother while they enjoy a family moment at home in Barbados.

As Rihanna sifts through a family album, Jay-Z opens with,

“It’s nothing like family. These are the people who make you who you are. They’ve helped you grow; they’re responsible for the countless lessons in life that you’ve learned.”

Rihanna’s mother shares her concern over Rajad becoming lazy to which Rihanna states,

“You’ve got to be able to do as much work and then socialize. But work first, and as long as you’re doing fantastic in work, you can socialize as much as you want.”

And perhaps our favorite line from the video, Rihanna’s mom closes with, “And from Monday to Friday, no Facebook. Textbook.” That’s right mom!

Watch the video below of Rihanna and her family. ‘Talk that Talk‘ is in stores now!

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