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Rihanna To Release Signature Collection For Emporio Armani

UPDATE-Remember when Emporio Armani replaced Megan Fox with Rihanna as the new face for their fall underwear and jean line?   Well it appears the ‘Man Down’ hit maker has decided to return the favor by partnering with the Italian fashion house in order to create her own collection which includes denim and lingerie featuring her signature R logo and Armani‘s signature eagle.

On the heels of dropping her sixth studio album ‘Talk That Talk‘ Rihanna managed to find time to work on a collection to include biker jackets, a canvas rucksack, two styles of jeans (skinny and tight boy cut of course), t-shirts branded with silhouettes of Rihanna’s face (or animal print designs) and lace underwear available in navy blue and pearl grey…for those with more conservative taste.

Rihanna is notorious for her eye catching fashion sense and according to she previously revealed that she actually enjoys shocking people with her fashion choices.

When asked where she may take her look in the future, she stated;

“I probably see a lot of menswear, or something extremely, extremely feminine. But I like to play with both. It would have to be so extreme that it’s a look, because I don’t usually like typical ladylike, girly-girly stuff. It would be a look if I were to do it. I always like something that’s a little off, so it’s just not typical or expected.”

Rihanna venturing into design is not a far cry and launching her first collection under an established brand is a smart move! Check out some pics below – what do you think?

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