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Box Office Round Up – Twilight On Top

To the surprise of no one, the top movie at this weekend’s box office was the vampire drama, ‘Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1.’  The movie is the first chapter of a two-part finale to one of the most popular movie series in history.  Breaking Dawn blew away the competition by grossing $139,500,000.

Coming in a distant second at the weekend box office was ‘Happy Feet Two.’  The movie about penguins who love to dance and sing probably would have done quite a bit better on any other weekend, but sparkly vampires were just too hard to defeat!  The sequel to Happy Feet ended up grossing $22,025,000, which was still a good deal more than what the third place finisher took in.

Immortals’ took the third slot at the weekend box office by grossing a little over $12,000,000.  Following close behind in the fourth spot was the new Adam Sandler movie, ‘Jack and Jill’.  The ‘Shrek’ spin off ‘Puss in Boots’ rounded out the top five.

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