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Rachelle Lefevre Joins Stephen King's 'Under The Dome' TV Adaptation

Rachelle Lefevre isn’t yet a household name, but perhaps after appearing in the highly anticpated new summer series, Under The Dome, she will be.

You might know Lefevre better as the vampire with a grudge, “Victoria,” from the Twilight series. Lefevre also appeared in the short lived ABC series Off The Map and CBS’s A Gifted Man opposite Patrick Wilson.

She joins another hopeful TV actor, Mike Vogel, who starred in the almost popular Pan Am. Hopefully things will bode better for these two in Under The Dome than they did on Off The Map and Pan Am. On the other end of the spectrum, Dean Norris from the super successful Emmy winning series, Breaking Bad, will also star in the new series.

The TV adaptation of the Stephen King novel is set to premiere on CBS this summer. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new series focuses on a small town facing post-apocalyptic circumstances when it’s mysteriously encompassed by an unexplainable dome. Under The Dome will follow the townspeople as they search for answers and some sort of solution. The plot thickens as members of the community go missing and more mysterious circumstances are uncovered. Lefevre will play an investigative journalist who searches for answers and her missing husband.

CBS must have confidence in the new series since they’ve already ordered it to series before seeing a pilot or even finalized casting. The perplexing new series will premiere on June 24th, will you be watching?

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