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Queen Latifah Talks Adoption And Late Brother

Queen Latifah is gorgeous on the recent issue of More magazine. In a brief excerpt Latifah reveals her plans to either adopt or have a child of her own.

‘I’m definitely going to adopt – or have – a child. I’ve wanted to adopt since I was 17 or 18-years-old.’

Marking the 20th anniversary of the tragic death of her brother Lance Owens, Latifah stated,

‘I think the most important thing I’ve learned is to not stop living. ‘I know for a fact that my brother would not want me to stay right there, stuck in that misery. ‘If the person who you lost loved you like you loved them?

‘There’s no way they would not want you to live your life to the maximum, to appreciate it, to go for your dreams, go for your goals.’

Looking forward to adding Ms. Dana Owens aka Queen Latifah to the mommy club!

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