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Brad Pitt Takes Back Retirement Talk

Brad Pitt recently cleared up his comments about his upcoming retirement from acting saying there isn’t “an exact deadline” on the calender.

Last week, in an interview, Pitt was asked by a correspondent name Tara Brown: “How much longer would you like to do your business for?”

“Three years,” the father of six replied, hinting that he would like to start producing his own films.

Earlier this week, while in Seoul to promote his new film “Moneyball,” Pitt retracted his retirement plans mentioning that his comment isn’t t as definite as it was perceived.

“I wasn’t putting an exact deadline on my expiration date, but I just see it coming and I do have an interest in the producing side,” the 47-year-old said.

The actor believes that because of his star status he could make “complex stories that might have difficulty getting made in the current system” as a producer.

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