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Kelly Rowland Puts Beyonce Jealousy Rumor To Rest Once Again

In case you’re still questioning whether former Destiny’s Child band members Kelly Rowland, Beyonce and Michelle Williams truly share a sisterly bond, Ms. Kelly is here to put your concerns to rest.

In an interview with UK’s Stylist magazine, she states it bluntly: “Listen, you can’t preach about having female power, supporting each other and being a unit if you’re not one.”

The ladies of the former group share an unshakeable bond, Kelly insists, and any stories that point to Beyonce’s meteoric rise to super stardom as proof she’s jealous of her former band mate are patently false.

“Some of the public would love for me to hate her, but what’s the purpose? What’s to gain out of it?” Kelly asks. She adds: “One of the things I’m most proud of in my life is the fact that we have maintained a sisterly bond.”

Destiny’s Child was a formidable R&B pop trio whose eclectic style and anthems of female empowerment made them one of the genre’s top-selling groups. But after their disbandment, each of the ladies launched successful careers of their own; while Beyonce went on to become an international superstar, Kelly has enjoyed success with her own solo career, and Michele found solid support as a gospel artist and theater actress.

It’s undeniable that Beyonce was the breakout star of the group, and for years, rumors have pointed out both Beyonce and her father and former manager, Matthew Knowles, as the saboteurs of Kelly’s Career. Kelly dropped Matthew as her manager in the summer of 2009, and Beyonce followed suit two years later. Still, while her relationship with Matthew may be strained, Kelly says she’s never deviated from her close relationship with Beyonce.

In the Stylist feature, Kelly says that bond she has with Beyonce was groomed in childhood, when Kelly moved into Matthew and Tina Knowles’ home to work closely with Beyonce on their career. They kept each other grounded, she said.

“Growing up with my mom, Doris, Bey, and Bey’s mother, Tina. If I came home with a big head, they’d tell me to get out the house–which has happened by the way. That’s what is so beautiful about the friendship of Destiny’s Child: honesty. To this day, I could wake up one morning and there’s this long text message from Bey or Michelle.”

And now that Beyonce is expecting her first child, Kelly can’t stop gushing about just how wonderful of a mom the pop diva will be.

Kelly told E! online several days after Beyonce announced her pregnancy that she thinks Beyonce will be “an incredible mother.”

“She’s always been motherly. I think that takes after so many traits from her mother. I just think it’s going to be so natural for her. It’s natural for her now. I can’t believe this to this day.”

So there you have it: competition does not mean jealousy. We should applaud Kelly and Beyonce’s relationship and perhaps take a cue from their sisterly bond to strengthen our own.

Check out more pictures below from Kelly’s shoot with Stylist magazine.

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