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Beyonce's Husband Jay-Z Gushes About Changing Diapers

Beyonce‘s pregnancy is bringing the best out of hubby Jay-Z. In late August, after Beyonce’s baby bump was revealed, Jay-Z’s glowing smile and utter excitement was the talk of the town. So it’s not surprising that Jay-Z plans to be intimately involved in all facets of raring his daughter.

In the interview with GQ magazine December issue, where Jay-Z is crowned, King of the Year, the 42-year old gushes about changing diapers.

“Of course, of course. One hundred percent,” he responded to diaper duty.

And will we see you putting the car seat in the Maybach?

“Yeah,” Jay smiles. “Wouldn’t that be great? That would be a great picture.”

How sweet:-) Jay-Z was abandoned by his father when he was only 11 years old and opened up and the ‘huge scar’ that was left. But his baby daughter won’t have that problem and mommy-to-be Beyonce has nothing but praises for her hubby.

On whether Jay-Z will be a good father:

“Of course he will be!”

“His music has inspired millions of people over the last two decades, but he inspires all the people around him on a more personal level, too. He’s an inspirational artist, friend and husband, and his next step is to be an inspirational father.

“He’s everything you could ask for in a husband and friend.”

Congrats again to Jay-Z and Beyonce

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