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Rihanna Parties Too Hard For Pregnancy Rumor To Stick

Rumor: Rihanna is pregnant. Yes, this is the current wild rumor about Rihanna.   Rihanna was forced to cancel two of her concert in Sweden reportedly due to exhausation and the flu but there may be another reason. Mediatakeout is known for making outrageous claims about celebrities and Rihanna is no different. An alleged source close to the Rude Gal singer stated, “[The word] was that [Rihanna] had the flu, but we all suspect it’s more than just that. She’s no longer drinking — which is big for her — and she has a doctor traveling with us.”

To further rile speculation one of Rihanna Navy fans posted on her twitter page,

“@ Rihanna’s pregnant but had four boyfriends last month”.

If you’ve read any of Rihanna’s tweets you know she has a sharp tongue and rarely holds back from speaking her mind. She responded with this tweet:

“Hello, you must be my p*ssy! Nice to meet you.”

While Rihanna is not obligated to deny the rumor it certainly doesn’t help that she didn’t use the opportunity to slam gossip mongers. Either way, we’re rolling with a rumor on this one. Rihanna parties way to hard and loves to ‘cheer to the freaking weekend’ every weekend to have a bun in the oven.

Just yesterday Rihanna released a slew of pictures from her vacation – and the girl knows how to have fun – with her girls!! No boys….

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