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Kim Kardashian Affair With Kanye West Revealed By Amber Rose

UPDATE- Kim Kardashian slept with Kanye West ?!? Amber Rose let the cat out of the bag when she visited Wendy Williams earlier this week.

Amber, Kanye West’s ex spoke with Wendy and riled up the rumor mill when she didn’t deny an affair between West and Kim Kardashian. If that wasn’t juicy enough, Amber confirmed she slept with Kim K’s ex Reggie Bush soon after their break up. Amber was long considered the brief rebound girl for Reggie Bush following his break up with Kim but the rumors were never confirmed. Wendy Williams found a way to get the truth – and it wasn’t hard.

Without explicitly stating they did the “do”, Amber instead called their brief romance, “nice”.

“One thing about me is that I’m not a home wrecker. I would never date a man that’s in a relationship or a married man. I just wouldn’t do it,” she tells Wendy.

“I broke up with Kanye and he broke up with Kim and we met right after. We were both going through a hard time so we we were like each other’s rebounds basically. It was brief, it was nice and he’s a great guy.” Hmm…interpret that how you like.

And on Kim Kardashian and Kanye West? Amber’s reaction was short of shouting, Yes!

“Come on. You know. We will keep it cute”

But no matter, Wiz Khalifa is the only man for Amber. She revealed she would NOT get back with Kanye if he asked and Wiz Khalifa is the only man for her. Wonder if Reggie Bush knew Kim Kardashian was hooking up with Kanye and that’s why he hooked up with Amber?!?!

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