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Robert De Niro Cast To Play Ponzi Scheme Thief Bernie Madoff

Robert De Niro will play Ponzi Scheme convict Bernie Madoff in a upcoming movie about one of the biggest known scams to date in US history.

In 2008, after the US economy went up in smoke, Madoff was arrested after admitting to the world that he was a fraud who had stole 50 billion dollars in a Ponzi Scheme.

The HBO movie will be based on the published book Truth and Consequences: Life Inside the Madoff Family. The material was written by Laurie Sandell, and it goes into depth about the aftermath of Madoff’s arrest in 2008.

Sandell wrote the story with the help of Madoff’s son, Andrew, and other family members. The book also reveals how Madoff and his wife, Ruth, tried to commit suicide after the deception surfaced.

De Niro is also producing the film with his partner Jane Rosenthal, from his company Tribeca Productions.

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years federal prison.

His eldest son, Mark, committed suicide in December 2010.

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