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Gabby Sidibe Goes Toe To Toe With Eddie Murphy

Director Bratt Ratner recently explained why he chose Gabby Sidibe for his movie Tower Heist. Ratner remarked that the ‘Precious’ actress had great on-screen chemistry with Eddie Murphy.

“I wanted Gabourey because she was a dramatic actress. I didn’t realize how funny she would be. She went toe to toe with Eddie Murphy. I told her to flirt with him in the scene and she just went all the way, it was amazing. That was the only scene in the movie that was improvised. She probably had a childhood crush on Eddie Murphy because I told her to flirt with him. They kept flirting and he was trying to embarrass her and they just kept going and going and then clothes were flying off, I had to leave the room [laughs]. They nailed it in one take.”

Tower Heist is a 2011 crime comedy film directed by Brett Ratner and written by Ted Griffin and Jeff Nathanson based on a story by Bill Collage, Adam Cooper, and Griffin. Tower Heist follows Josh (Ben Stiller), Charlie (Casey Affleck), Dev’reaux (Michael Peña), and Odessa (Gabourey Sidibe), employees of an exclusive apartment building who lose their pensions in the Ponzi scheme of Wall Street businessman Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda). The group enlist the aid of sly criminal (Eddie Murphy) and bankrupt businessman Mr. Fitzhugh (Matthew Broderick) to break into Shaw’s apartment and steal back their money while avoiding the FBI agent in charge of the case, Claire Denham (Téa Leoni)(Wiki).

The film is currently in theaters.

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