Lindsay Lohan Shows Up To Leonardo DiCaprio’s Party Uninvited

The other night (November 3), Lindsay Lohan crashed Leonardo DiCaprio’s movie party for “J. Edgar”.  According to sources, the actress made a big scene, which as a result, made the invited A-list guests “uncomfortable.”

Lohan, who is about to go to jail for probation violations, told security that she was an invited guest and was granted access into the event.

“Lindsay was arguing with the security to let her in, dropping every celebrity’s name to get in. She could be heard saying, ‘I have to go and see Leo.’ Eventually they let her in, but she made everybody uncomfortable. She was aggressive and random, storming around. She tried to get to Leo, but he was surrounded by his security and a posse of his friends.”

On this upcoming Wednesday, Lindsay Lohan will turn herself into authorities to serve a 30-day jail sentence.

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