Amber Rose Gives Advice; Kim Kardashian Agrees To Buy Engagement Ring

Update-Amber Rose has advice on dealing with the press after a mean break up while Kim Kardashian has agreed to buy back her engagement ring from Kris Humphries following their 72 day marriage.

Amber, the model and actress knows a thing or two about a high profile break up. After being the arm candy of rapper Kanye West for two years, Amber found herself on the receiving end of media backlash. After finding love again with Wiz Khalifa, a voice and a burgeoning career Amber Rose has some advice for Kim Kardashian since her divorce from Kris Humphries.

While promoting one of her many projects Amber offered some advice to Kim K:

“I would tell her to pray and ask God what is the next step for her as far as relationships go. Because, if you really, really pray God will talk to you. God will give you the answers. I’m not a religious freak or nothing like that, but I am spiritual and I do pray a lot. I like to keep my life very positive so I think that’s probably a good thing for her to do. Just be positive amongst all the negativity that’s going on. I honestly, and I probably shouldn’t say this, but I honestly think she should just lay low for a second. Just relax! You just had a divorce, just chill out. It’s so much more than business and just work. Do something that’s going to make you happy. Just chill out and really think about your life and think about what went wrong and learn from your mistakes.”

Kim Kardashian may just heed that advice as TMZ is reporting the reality TV star has gone into hiding!! After landing back in Los Angeles from her Australia trip, Kim reportedly went to a secret location and will remain indoors until production begins on her new film ‘The Marriage Counselor’. Kris Jenner and Lamar Odom will both host birthday dinners that Kim will likely miss.

(Kim K arriving at LAX from Australia)

What is worse is that Kim Kardashian has reportedly AGREED to buy back her engagement ring!! According to TMZ, Kris originally purchased the 20.5 carat diamond and because Kim loved it sooo much she put a special clause in the prenup that would allow her to buy back the ring at the original purchase price in case of a divorce.

Of course after the wedding, Kim would have owned the ring as Mrs. Humphries. But perhaps she had that sneaky little feeling that the marriage wouldn’t last very long and it would be in Kris’ best interest to ask for the ring back. Reportedly he dropped nearly $2 million on the ring!

Earlier this week, while promoting her book, Kris Jenner stated the ring was a “gift” and Kim would keep it. I guess their “keep” means paying for it. Those sneaky Kardashians!

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