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Kim Kardashian Wedding Cost Her Millions Says Kris Jenner

Updated-Kris Jenner wants us to believe that Kim Kardashian’s wedding cost her millions of dollars. Operative word: Cost. Meaning Kim spent and did not profit from the wedding! Since when does People magazine get a wedding picture, Kim Kardashian Wedding picture – the official one no less, for free?? Lamar Odom needs to get out while he can…sorry Khloe. Read more on their divorce below:

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are now Hollywood’s latest couple to hit the divorce list. However, with a courtship lasting just six months, and a marriage which survived even less, one may be asking…How did what appeared to be such a happy ending go so wrong?

There are a range of factors which may have led to Kim Kardashian’s divorce. Rushing to get married, pressure from Kim’s family (namely Kris Jenner), media scrutiny, pressures derived from filming multiple shows, and conflicting work schedules may have all played a part in the demise of the marriage.

One factor which appears to carry an over arching theme is Kim’s workaholic ways. According to People Magazine, following the couple’s honeymoon (which was ironically cut short so Kim could begin filming the latest season of Kourtney and Kim Take New York) the two were already stepping out solo, with Kardashian attending the MTV Video Music Awards alone.

Another glitch was the realization that Kim was clearly more in love with the concept of marriage than the actual union itself. In one episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians, Kim mentioned to Kris that she had been planning her wedding since she was ten. He then ominously replied;

“And you can fit any groom in can’t you.”

As the scrutiny over the marriage mounted, Kim explained in an interview with People;

“We have to find our home base. He lives in Miami and Minnesota. I’m in L.A., so we had to find where that home base is going to be. We’re waiting for the lockout to end to see where he’s going to play.”

Unfortunately for Kris it appears Kim couldn’t wait that long as she issued a statement yesterday confirming her decision to file divorce papers.

Kardashian and Humphries not only received gifts from wedding guests, but vendors also supplied products and services free of charge in order to siphon free publicity. But while many are wondering how the Kardashians made off with all the goods, the matriarch of the family, Kris Jenner is claiming, Kim didn’t make a dime! As a matter of fact…according to Kris….Kim spent millions!!

“She didn’t make a dime off of this wedding,” Jenner told Johnjay and Rich. “She actually spent millions of dollars on this wedding, so it’s not something that she thought would ever not be happily ever after.”

Kris added, “Kim had to make a very difficult decision.” “But she needed to do that on her own. You know, she’s not 5 years old. She’s a 30-year-old woman who definitely needs my support right now.”

And so the Kardashians stand united. Wonder if Kris Humphries is with his family now? No, he’s got plans to host a bash in Vegas and Kim Kardashian is in Australia sans her wedding ring on business. The show must go on people……

Maybe Kris was double talking, you know, like a politician. So maybe Kim K didn’t personally make a profit….but the Kardashian company did.

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