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Taylor Swift Threatens Celeb Jihad; Jessica Simpson Baby Bump Is Real

Update-Taylor Swift is threatening Celeb Jihad website with a lawsuit while Jessica Simpson finally confirms her baby bump is real – big shocker – Not!

Country pop singer Taylor Swift is just legal at age 21, she is still a bit young to include on the latest hit list for nude photo leaks. Luckily for Taylor the photos aren’t of her, unluckily however, the tabloid site which published the material is refusing to take them down.

According to TMZ, tabloid, gossip site Celeb Jihad posted a so-called satirical photo of a young blond, Taylor-esque female with the tag, Taylor Swift Topless Private Pic Leaked. Taylor’s attorneys have since been working feverishly, threatening to sue for trademark infringement unless the “false pornographic images” and “false news” weren’t removed right away.

These photos may be particularly damaging for Swift given her core audience is mostly composed of young girls and teens. Their parents probably won’t be to pleased to see their children’s favorite performer sprawled naked on a mattress; hence, it’s in Taylors best interest to get this issue cleared up as quickly as possible.

Similar to the Flynt vs. Falwell case where Hustler published a satirical article claiming the former reverend Falwell enjoyed Campari liquor while engaging in lascivious acts; the website is claiming the because the pictures are clearly satirical, there was no actual malice so a removal is unnecessary.

Swifts attorneys released the following statement regarding why the photo may be confused for Swift;

“The girl in the photo has strawberries on her panties, and Taylor Swift has been known to eat strawberries.”

This may be something of a weak defense given that parodies are considered “fair use” and thus are perfectly legal according to the 1st amendment.

Unfazed by the threat of legal action, the site remained defiant, keeping the photo in question viewable. However, this morning the site offered a compromise (which was clearly satirical as well) stating they would take down the image if Swift converted to Islam and sacrificed a goat.

I think it’s safe to say they will be hearing from Taylor Swifts attorney’s long before that happens.

Jessica Simpson’s baby bump courtesy of fiance Eric Johnson is real. The fashion mogul decided to have some fun with the media when she wore a mummy Halloween costume. As if all who were interested hadn’t already figured out Simpson was pregnant, she finally took some time to make it official.

“It’s True! I’m going to be a mummy!” she wrote on her website beneath the mummy picture.

Honestly the whole ‘announcement’ would have been super cute if she hadn’t been flaunting her baby bump all around New York for all to see. Take some notes from Beyonce!

Either way, congrats to Eric Johnson and Jessica Simpson!

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