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Jill Scott Drops Sensual 'So Gone' Video With Paul Wall

Jill Scott can’t get enough of Houston rapper Paul Wall in ‘So Gone (What My Mind Says.’ No stranger to making bedroom music, Jill Scott is singing about pleasing herself. For this single from her “Light of the Sun” album, Jill tells Rap Up:

“It’s a song about a girl who is being celibate because she’s respecting herself and trying to do something completely different. In the meantime, she’s still a boss and she could use a little [sex]. She gets a phone call from her girlfriend who says, ‘Why don’t you call Diamond Chip D*ck?’ Diamond Chip D*ck is a service where they come and please you and take the trash out when they leave. But it’s too good. She’s gotten D*ckmatized. Paul Wall plays the gentleman from the Diamond Chip D*ck company. He basically says what he does that’s got her sprung.”

Wow, watch the video below. Jill Scott looks gorgeous in the video too!!

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