‘I’ve Never Seen This Black Man Look So White’: Paul Wall’s New Look Is Trending Online as Fans Say It’s the First Time He’s Looked White

Houston rapper Paul Wall is trending on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, after a TikTok video of the “Bizzy Body” artist featuring his new clean-cut haircut was shared online.

Fans could not get over how “white” the Caucasian artist looked due to his new hairdo. Wall’s typical look had consisted of black hair and a low fade.

Paul Wall
Paul Wall trends on X after he debuts his new look. (Photo: @paulwallbaby/Instagram)

Now the 42-year-old rocks a full head of thick graying hair to match his salt-and-pepper beard as shown in the video, and fans were shook. One fan shared the video with the caption, “Lmfao I ain’t even recognize Paul Wall.”

It would appear that other fans agreed because the video has been viewed more than seven million times, and several fans thought the artist born Paul Michael Slayton looked extremely different with his new cut. One fan joked, “I’ve never seen this black man look so white.”

Wall shared the video on TikTok to say he had fun while attending the Houston Texans game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sept. 17. Wall performed at the halftime show with fellow artist Louie TheSinger.

He captioned the post, “1st off, why my face look like the old man filter lol, we had a lot of fun yesterday, performing halftime with @Louie TheSinger and watching the @Houston Texans. Mannnn gonna be a long journey but u can definitely feel we’re headed in the right direction @Tank Dell LFG homie!!!!”

“Boy I had fun at that Texas game yesterday man,” he said. “Tough loss, definitely a tough loss, but man did we have fun in that sweep bro, let me tell you. I walked all over that stadium. I must have walked about ten miles yesterday just walking from one side of the stadium to the other.

Wall continued, “From the sweep back downstairs over to the field where we were performing for halftime with my boy LouisTheSinger. Man, it was a hell of a day. A great game.”

He went on to congratulate the team for their efforts and said he would be at the next home game. However, fans focused on the “Swangin’ in the Rain” artist’s new look, and they had jokes.

“He look like Paulford Wallstein,” replied one.

“Paully Bob Thornton,” added another.

“bro look the like average middle age white male in California,” replied one X user.

“Paul Wall looking like a day trader going to pick up his wife from Pilates class,” added one.

“Who else is loving Paul Wall Baby’s silver fox era?!”

The former Swishahouse artist and his wife, Crystal, share two teenage children, son William, 16 and a daughter Noelle, 15. Wall told Revolt back in 2020 that he often receives death threats on social media because of his interracial marriage.

“My wife’s Black, I have mixed children,” he said. “I get death threats and hate all the time. Usually, it’s more Twitter or Facebook. With the social media policies, it gets taken down right away before I even have to say anything. You have to remain focused. It’s so easy to get distracted by the hate. It’s a different era, so we have to call people out.”

Wall has released more than a dozen studio albums, including 2022’s “Pomonavirus” with Brian J and Suga Free. He’s best known for his collaborations with rappers Mike Jones and Lil’ Keke and his features on tracks like Nelly’s “Grills” and DJ Khaled’s “Holla at Me Baby,” with Lil Wayne and Fat Joe. Some of Wall’s well-known songs are “They Don’t Know,” “Sittin’ Sidewayz,” “I’m Throwed,” and “Break ‘Em Off.”

Wall’s Southern style of rap music can also be heard on That Mexican OT’s song “Johnny Dang.”

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