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Laura Govan Reveals VH1 Asked The Cast To Google Draya's Police Report

If you don’t know by now, Basketball Wives LA and all other reality TV shows are not completely real. Laura Govan revealed this fact yet again when she sat down with Hello Beautiful to discuss her relationship with the ladies of Basketball Wives Los Angeles and even dropped a tidbit on her fiance Gilbert Arenas.

We watch the show every single week and the very first question that popped in my head is, what the heck is Jackie (Christie) talking about?

Honestly, I have no idea what Jackie is talking about. You’ll see what’s to come. A lot of things are starting to be revealed. When you hang out with someone for a long period of time, his or her personality is eventually revealed, but I’m not like that. I’m myself from the beginning. I’m not a “fronter”. I am who I am; there are no surprises with me. I show you exactly who I am from the beginning. It’s so funny when you see it play out. It’s like on a first date people are pretending to be something they’re not, but with me you get the real me from the start. Like I’ll burp, I’ll fart. That’s just me! I’m real.

Why did you dislike Draya (Michele) so much this season? What are your feelings toward Draya now?

It played out on the show that we have beef but in reality, we’re cool. It’s no animosity and no drama. It wasn’t even like that. What was really a two-hour filming session, you saw it edited into two minutes.

What made you and Jackie dig up dirt on Draya in the first place? Do you really believe the stories about Draya and her son are true?

That’s really none of my business. I didn’t care to look her up. We were asked to do so. I feel like it was a mistake and I even said that on the show. I don’t believe everything I read. It’s hard because people twist and turn your words and don’t write down exactly what you say. That’s her child. I’m passionate about being a mom, but that’s her life. That’s one thing I can look back and say that I wasn’t interested in doing. I was thinking, “this is dumb”.

How are things going with your relationship now? Are they better since the show?

Things are going great! You know, he’s been my fiance, for a while now. On the show, people think that the reality that they are seeing is actually happening right now, and people don’t get it. But we were together for a while going into it. Were not shy about it. It’s been about 10 years of ups and downs but it just what it is.

So there you have it. While it appears that the ladies loathed Draya and were willing to do anything to keep her out their precious circle – there were invisible hands pulling the strings to exaggerate a small incident.

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