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The Case Of Amber Cole Reflects A Deeper Issue

Have you heard of Amber Cole? If you’ve visited the web at any point within the last week you would have surely read some reference to Amber Cole. She is a 14-year old girl who’s video was wildly seen after three young men videotaped her giving oral sex to her ex-boyfriend.

Reportedly Amber agreed to do the act to “win back” her ex-boyfriend. The young men posted the video that quickly went viral. But there’s one problem – well – there are some issues here. But Amber is 14-years old and watching a sexual act performed by someone underage is child pornography.

On all forms of social networks, Amber’s story was posted. One young lady even posted a Leave Amber Cole Alone video on YouTube. Here’s a snippet below:

“Y’all over here talking ‘bout this girl like she did a crime or something. Y’all need to stop. Leave Amber Cole alone,” she cries. “Y’all over here making fun of a girl because she likes to do a little head work in places. There’s nothing wrong with that… I don’t understand.”

A 14-year having oral sex, in a public at school with other boys videotaping and there’s nothing wrong with this???

Amber allegedly posted a few damaging tweets:

“So what if [first boy] exposed me. It doesn’t change my feeling towards him. I love him with everything and will always be here for him. I miss him.”

Is it too much to believe that young boys and girls should be too busy for these activities? Is it archaic to believe that a 14-year old should not have weekly access to social networking sites, cell phones and all the latest technologies?

I have nothing to say about Amber Cole or the young men who posted the video – they are all victims of a larger issue.

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