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Kim Kardashian Captures Co-Starring Role In Tyler Perry Film

Kim Kardashian can add actress to her roster of things I do to stay busy. Oh wait, isn’t that what Kim does already on her multiply reality TV shows for E! Ok, so acting more like yourself may not require much acting chops which may be why Kim Kardashian landed the role as Ava in The Marriage Counselor.

In Tyler Perry’s 13th film with Lionsgate, Kim K will play Ava while Eve’s Bayou star Jurnee Smollett will take the lead role as Judith.

According to Deadline who broke the story, The Marriage Counselor “tells the story of Judith, an Ivy League-educated relationship expert who makes her living dispensing marital advice, but is so bored with her own marriage that she breaks her professional code and cheats with a smooth talking client only to realize she has made a huge mistake.”

In comes Kim K who will provide a boost to Jurnee’s withering confidence with a “big city makeover”. That is so Kim Kardashian right?

Jurnee is a fine actress so if for whatever reason Kim doesn’t bring IT, the project won’t be completely lost. But we have faith in you Kim..seriously..we do.

Shooting begins on October 26th in Atlanta and I’m already looking forward to the trailer!

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