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Jennifer Hudson Set To Marry David Otunga Despite Rumors Of Split

Oscar winning actress Jennifer Hudson and her rep are quieting rumors that she called off her wedding to fiance David Otunga. Hudson has been engaged to the father of her son David Jr.   since 2008. But while rumors circulated that the pair would never tie the knot, Jennifer stated two months ago she’d been planning her wedding along.

Despite her statement rumors resurfaced that the wedding was called off because David refused to sign a prenuptial agreement and there was “constant bickering”.

The Star Magazine also stated there was “clashing over Jennifer’s career obsession, commitment issues and reluctance to have more children.”

But once again, Jennifer has denied the rumors. Her representative has told E! news, “I can confirm that the story is not true”.

So there you have it. Patiently waiting for that wedding date Jennifer….

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0 thoughts on “Jennifer Hudson Set To Marry David Otunga Despite Rumors Of Split

  1. Charles says:

    I may get in trouble for this from my wife, because she is such a hugh Jhud fan. I kind of believe David Otunga being the media whore he is put the rumors out there to boost his on failing career. The WWE is sure to let him go soon if he does not do something hugh. I not a hater. I just hate to see someone as great as Jennifer Hudson take alot of ungly hits by the media. She is a wonderful person and does not deserve the treatment.

  2. anonymous says:

    Jennifer, lots of people have babies it doesn’t mean the couple are a good match. Mr. Otunga is looking for a way out with his failing career, don’t let him use you as a way out. And don’t let the media push you into marry him which will be a mistake. If you marry this man, you will regret it, he just looking for fame and money off your name. If he doesn’t sign the prenup, don’t feel pressure to marry him. Your a pretty girl, you’ll find someone to love you for you. Let him fend for himself and pay child support. God Bless!

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