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Kim Kardashian Divorce To Kris Humphries Take Center Stage

Update- Kim Kardashian divorce to Kris Humphries is quickly turning into a PR nightmare for the Kardashians. Khloe had never been plagued by such rumors even after she married Lamar Odom after two months of meeting! But less than two months into their marriage Kim and Kris are hunted by divorce rumors. Are they heading to splitsville?

Numerous tabloid reports appear to believe so.

According to Star Magazine, Kim may have seen a divorce attorney after she was spotted on a lawyer’s floor in a New York office block. Kris Humphries took a second hit after Kim’s agent at William Morris Endeavor Entertainment recently dumped him from their roster.

According to MailOnline, Kim’s agents informed the site that not only are they no longer representing the 26-year old anymore, but there are also no plans to feature the couple together on a reality show in the future.

What?! No reality show…now we really know it’s over. Seriously…

Another source claimed: ‘I don’t know when they’ll announce the split or why they got married in the first place but they are done.

‘They are divorcing. Kim has been staying in a New York hotel which Kris has failed to visit.’

What! If this is true that would mean that the relationship…and not to mention the expensive wedding, may have all been a sham for Kris to catapult himself into the spotlight. Somewhere Khloe Kardashian who reportedly hates Kris is eagerly waiting to say “I told you so”.

(Kim and Kris on a double date with Scott and Kourtney)

Nonetheless, the couple appeared to put up a united Wednesday evening at New York’s Hurricane Club with Kim’s sister Kourtney and her boyfriend Scott Disick.

Even on Monday evening Kim gushed about her hubby and married life at the Angel Ball, “marriage is great”. “Kris is a really good guy and we’re so happy.”

Although it’s difficult to presently discern fact from fiction, a producer involved with Kim’s new show Kourtney and Kim Take New York, did state;

“Kim’s mapping out 2012, including holidays, and Kris isn’t a part of it. Any itineraries for the future don’t include Kris very much.”

Wow, tough news for Mrs. Kim Kardashian. Good thing she still kept her last name and had Kris signed a pre-nup! But seriously if the real issue is that Kris hasn’t been at Kim’s side for every event and he doesn’t wear his ring on every outing – should that really spell doom for the newlyweds?!

We think not. Either way Kim Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner will find a way to make this all work out. What do you think?

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0 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian Divorce To Kris Humphries Take Center Stage

  1. Colette says:

    sigh…i don’t even know where to start with these two! Kim has been planning this wedding since she was what 12??? this dude just happens to fit the bill. he would have to do something really stupid for kim to let go of that wedding ring…come on folks two months! kim stayed with reggie bush for how long and he never proposed!! she’s not leaving this guy after two months – not happening – even if he is a goof ball. and yes i do think khloe is right – he’s in this for the fame…

    sounds like a match made in heaven

  2. Neil says:

    Well, Colette… Kimmy K just announced their divorce. That comes to a grand total of 72 days of marriage. According to the widely known cost, that comes to $236,111 per day of (not so) bliss.

    The wedding was a sham (and by sham I mean outright lie) from the start. Kimmy K had E! find her an NBA star… their first pick Danilo Gallinari wisely declined the offer, so they chose Kris. Whether or not he was in it for the money (he signed a pre-nup) is irrelevant, he’s out.

    This is of course a PR nightmare for the Kardashians…. because it’s completely obvious this wedding was written and produced for Kimmy K’s show. Too bad all her guests have been scammed, too… Etiquette and ethics say when a marriage ends so quickly, the couple should offer to return gifts to the giver. Doubtful Kimmy would make such an ethical offer when they were given under such false pretenses in the first place.

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