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Basketball Wives Star Royce Reed Changes Mind About Quitting Show

Basketball Wives star Royce Reed decided to change her mind about quitting the popular reality TV show. Royce posted on tweeted last week:

“Good Afternoon! As of right now I have decided NOT to return for Season 4 of BBW due to artistic differences. Things may change but as of now, No!”

What changed? Perhaps some demands were met?! Royce stated earlier this week that she’s returning only because of her fans and a new deal that was negotiated. She tweeted:

“Well, As stated last week pertaining 2 BBW season 4 tht things may change & after SEVERAL conversations I have decided 2 return for Season 4”

“How much, I don’t know because I won’t compromise my career. I was NEVER cut/fired & my decision to return is solely based on negotiations, & messages from my fans. I love y’all & u will see a different side of me Season 4. #ImOuttie”

VH1 denied Royce quit the show from the start so it’s unclear how much room she had for negotiations. Time will tell.

Will Basketball Wives be the same without Royce?

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