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Rihanna Navy Reacts To Chris Brown Look Alike In 'We Found Love' Video

Update-Rihanna is stirring up controversy again – this time with her Navy fans! Rihanna released the official video for We Found Love last night. Of course the final unveil of We Found Love has everyone talking about the obvious. First Rihanna was booted from one of the video locations by a Christian farmer but the biggest controversy comes from Rihanna’s co-star. Model and boxer Dudley O’Shaughnessy – the Chris Brown look-alike.

In the video Rihanna appears to relive her tumultuous relationship with Brown. From the honeymoon phase to the break down. Rihanna’s navy fans didn’t miss the opportunity to point out the obvious.

“Dear @rihanna im still a little confused on how I feel about the We Found Love video, especially since the guy resembles Chris Brown,” Carmen @swttcarma Herrera wrote.

Amanda @atlantictiger Hutchin agreed, writing, “Rihanna’s new video = her relationship with Chris Brown 100%. Open to all arguments.”

Rihanna has repeatedly gushed about this song being   her ‘deepest’ love song. Adding, “It’s all about love being like a drug.” Sounds like a bad combination. What’s your reaction to Rihanna’s We Found Love video?

Rihanna on WhoSay

Stills from the video:

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