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Hi Rihanna! Flirting Gets X Factor Hopeful Low Scores

On the second ‘Judges Homes’ episode of X Factor Rihanna gave Brennin Hunt some low marks. The 26-year old hopeful is fully aware of his sexy/handsome looks. During his audition he boldly flirted with judge Nicole Scherzinger. But Brenin’s charm worked against him with Rude Boy singer Rihanna.

Rihanna was invited to judge L.A Reid’s Hampton’s home to provide him some support in trimming down his ‘all boys group for the next round.

Brennin Hunt was the first up from the boys category signing Corinne Bailey Rae’s “Like A Star.”

After his performance Rihanna had this to say, “I think he is beautiful and I think his tone is correct at times, especially when it gets raspy, but he’s a little bit corny. He gives me like ’90s boy band.”

Ouch – what’s wrong with boy bands? Should Beyonce shelf her plans for creating a boy band?? Check out Brenin’s performance below: Do you agree with Rihanna?

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