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Rihanna Gets Nasty In 'We Found Love' Behind The Scenes Footage

Rihanna remains connected with her fan base as she released a twitter video of the first of three parts for We Found Love – Behind the Scenes. The Rude Boy pop star is dubbing this her “deepest” love song yet; “It’s all about love being like a drug.” And with that Rihanna throws in a little bit of nasty. While calling for the camera man to get up close, Rihanna reveals her next scene with Dudley O’Shaughnessy – the Chris Brown look-alike.

“I’m ready for the next look. We’re about to f*ck on a tractor! Just kidding. We’re not going to f*ck on a tractor. We’re going to f*ck on a hot ass car! I kissed this guy earlier today, and now we’re about to fake f*ck, whatever that means.”

Wow! Thank goodness the Christian Northern Ireland farmer – who gave RiRi the boot after she got nude – didn’t know of the singer before she requested to use his land!!

PHOTOS – Rihanna On The Set Of “We Found Love”

Watch the BTS below: What do you think of Rihanna’s We Found Love?


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