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Rihanna Admits She Would Have Joined X Factor If Not For Record Deal

Umbrella singer Rihanna is hoping to help X Factor judge L.A Reid narrow his eight contestants down to four. The 32 remaining contestants are divided into groups of eight between the judges. L.A works with “The Boys”, Paula Abdul “The Group”, Nicole Scherzinger “Over 30’s” and Simon Cowell the “The Girls”.

Rihanna who is the first guest judge of the show, visited L.A Reid’s home to begin the process. The Rude Boy singer revealed if she hadn’t nabbed a record deal six years ago X Factor would be her vehicle to stardom.

“Six years ago, before I was signed, if it was The X Factor that had come first, I would have entered to have a chance at fulfilling my dream. This show is all so exciting — it’s like a party.”

Rihanna who’s worked with Reid at Def Jam states that both he and Simon are extremely competitive.

“I don’t know who’s more competitive between L.A and Simon. They are both very stubborn individuals. But they also are very secure in their tastes. What they hate, they hate and what they like they really love. So I can see them being equally competitive in that area.”

Referring to L.A Reid she states,

“I know what it’s like to audition for LA. He can definitely be a pain in the ass as well. I have to say, he will find a way to make you feel you might have a second chance on a nice day but he rarely gives second chances. You have to really impress him in a short time.”

While X Factor aired on Fox Wednesday night, Rihanna was busy partying it up in London with her ex-baseball beau Matt Kemp, boxer David Haye and other friends at Stringfellow’s Gentlemen Club. Earlier in the evening Rihanna reportedly took over a karaoke party where she covered a few songs and enjoyed pizza and vodka shots.

Rihanna flipped the bird at the paps from the backseat while Kemp sat in the front. Is this more than former lovers catching up?

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