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Malaysia Pargo Stands By Draya Michele Amidst Police Report Drama

Basketball Wives LA star Malaysia Pargo and Draya Michele appeared to have struck up a friendship. BFF’s even? Well, we’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves. On last weeks episode, Malaysia once again showed compassion to the resident punching bag Draya when they ladies confronted her child endangerment case and subsequent police report. On tonight’s episode however, Malaysia is chastised and ridiculed for even considering Draya as a human being first.

Gloria stated she could care less if Draya was hit by a bus. Jackie Christie backtracked and said she’s not there to judge nor is she trying to keep Draya out of the circle. Imani Showalter appears shocked by Jackie’s sudden whiff of compassion.

Speaking of Imani, the girls – Draya not included of course – set her up with a few guys they think are great choices. After meeting a few brothers, Imani settled on “white is right” Kyle. Laura’s words not ours. Imani later finds out that Kyle has a roommate – HA – so much for him taking care of her!

I digress…back to Malaysia and Draya. The former seems confused that Draya mistook her compassion for BFF status. Except Malaysia just can’t bring herself to hating Draya when they meet for lunch and once again have a BFF moment – of Malaysia how we love you so.

Draya did reveal her standing with Malaysia to S2S magazine last week,

“When I first met Malaysia, I was definitely biased. I met her last. The other girls had explained to me that Malaysia had been fighting and was ghetto. When I met her, I was standoffish. At the party scene, I was rude. I didn’t mean to come off like that. I gave her a bad first impression. She’s a really nice girl and has remained neutral throughout a lot of issues that take place.”

Well after a full hour of contradictions from most of the wives ladies I honestly have a headache. Watch Basketball Wives LA tonight – what do you think. And what’s the beef with Jackie and Laura?? What was the biggest contradiction of the night for you?

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