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Beyonce 'Countdown' Video Should Have Been Lead Single

Update-Beyonce Knowles premiered the video to Countdown on Thursday night and many are wondering why it wasn’t her lead single?!?! Sure the video will gain an immense following because her fans and other curious persons will get a glimpse of her growing baby bump. But the fast pace tune with the playful dancing and flashy colors is much more fun than Run The World (Girls). And what better way to show off your pregnancy then repeating that women run the world!

Some fans and I must admit I thought the same, believed Beyonce would slow down with the dancing since her pregnancy. One fan told MTV,

“I thought maybe having a baby bump would stop her from doing a lot of dance moves, but she was still moving around [and] still looking good.”

That’s right. And the video is full of oldies references. From Audrey Hepburn, to Twiggy to Diana Ross. (And dare we say new school Nicki Minaj..?)

Sample lyrics from Countdown:

“I’m trying to make us three / From that two / He’s still the one”

Do you think Beyonce Knowles will complete another video before her pregnancy is over?

What do you think of Beyonce’s new video?

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