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Will Smith And Jada Pinkett Bounce Back With New Comedy Bought By ABC

Jada Pinkett Smith may have been down, but it wasn’t for long. After TNT’s HawthoRNe was cancelled, Jada promised she had greater things in the pipeline. And that she did.

The dynamic duo that is Will Smith and Jada just got their comedy purchased by ABC.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the comedy centers around a Dominican-American, played by singer Anthony “Romeo” Santos, who struggles with with immigrant father to maintain his traditional roots while seeking out the American dream.

The sitcom is of course under the Overbrook Entertainment umbrella that brought HawthoRNe and Karate Kid.

Chris Pappas and Mike Bernier will take the helm as writers and executive producers while Will and Jada Pinkett and their partner James Lassiter are non-writing executive producers.

The Smiths are doing BIG things in Hollywood. Love it!

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