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Rate It: Willow Smith Featuring Nicki Minaj On ‘Fireball’

Willow Smith dropped her third single Fireball featuring Young Money artist Nicki Minaj. Check and rate it below.

Before releasing the single, Willow was in an epic battle between her two passions: dancing and singing. The 10-year old actress and singer is ready to re-emerge on the scene after her first single Whip My Hair and 21st Century Girl left her fans wanting more. Her third single, that may or may not make it to her yet unfinished album is The Epiphany.

The youngest child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett jumped on the documentary bandwagon and produced a video of her songwriting process. Willow said of the video,

“That song is the first song I’ve ever written,” Willow says. “I’m not sure if I’m gonna put it on the album, but I just wanted you guys’ input in how it is because I’ve never really done this before. I’m very excited and I just want you guys to love it.”

Check out Willow take control of her creative process in the studio

Rate Willow’s third single. MTV describes Fireball, “Fireball” is a drum-heavy party tune, where the young starlet gets feisty, shows her swagger and proclaims herself the center of attention.” Nicki Minaj drops her usual style of verse, sample lyrics: “Put you under my wing, I’m the top boss/ Ain’t from Louisiana, but I’m hot sauce/ Cop the mountain, just to go and build a house off so I ain’t never got to worry what the house cost.”

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