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Draya Michele Says Basketball Wives LA Is Worst Than She Expected

Update-Draya Michele is the new girl on the block on Basketall Wives LA. And while the show is in its first season, many of the women have already ganged up on Draya to isolate her from the group.

In a brief interview with S2S Magazine, Draya unsurprisingly revealed that the experience was more than she expected – and not in a good way.

Has the show been what you expected?
It’s pretty much worse than I expected only because I’m always the topic of the discussion and I really didn’t expect to play such a major role.

Why do you think the other women on the show are always talking about you?
I have no idea why they feel the need to discuss me on every episode. I don’t know. I just know they are not a part of my daily thought process. So, it’s hard for me to understand why they feel the need to bring me up every day.

On tonight’s episode things have finally come to a head. Draya Michele is once again on the chopping block. Since episode one/two when Imani Showalter did some research and uncovered rumors of Draya abandoning her son, a police report and reportedly even losing her son; the other wives have finally caught up.

Not before, Laura Govan who clearly has anger issues took out some of that anger on Draya at their MMA event. And the upstanding wives, who are so adamant about living a morally upright life, didn’t find it necessary to bring attention to Laura’s excessive use of force with both ladies present.

Gloria Govan instead says, “Draya took that beat down like a champion.” So that we’re clear, stripping down a pole is worse than physically hurting someone. Got it.

In the end of the clip, as mentioned above, the other ladies uncover Draya’s police report. What follows appears to be Draya’s first time breaking down in front the group. I wonder if this will finally give them the satisfaction they’re looking for to wholly invite Draya into their circle. SMH

Watch the Basketball Wives LA clip below:

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