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Adele Premieres Somber 'Someone Like You' Music Video

British vocal powerhouse Adele released the music video for current single Someone Like You. The black and white video was shot in Paris, France reportedly on an early morning. Adele is seen walking the streets near the Seine River while belting out the lyrics of a lover who has moved on.

Jake Nava who also produced Rolling in the Deep brought the same level of simplicity to Someone Like You. In the end of the video, Adele is seen staring back at her heartbroken image in a mirror while her presumed lover walks away. What do you think of Adele and her team purposefully bringing strict attention to her voice?

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  1. BKSweetie79 says:

    I love ADELE and have been following her for about 5 years now…………….she is phenomenal!! I especially love the fact her team focuses strictly on her sultry/raspy voice……why not is FANTASTIC!!! I feel every song she sings is sung w?such passion!! ADELE could sing nursery rhymes and sell millions of records!!!

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