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Jennifer Aniston Upgrades Justin Theroux; Demi More Heading For Divorce

Update-First time directors Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Keys arrived for the New York screening of Lifetime’s Five with their significant while Demi Moore went solo. The Five short stories explore women affected by cancer. Jennifer, Demi, Alicia, Penelope Spheeris and Patty Jenkins each directed one of the films.

At the premiere, Alicia Keys arrived with her husband Swizz Beatz as they continue to laugh off rumors of Beatz sexting scandal with Houston based singer Christiana Elizabeth.

Jennifer Aniston is certainly upgrading her beau Justin Theroux, who was once notorious for his scruffy and often unflattering style.   However, he appeared to clean up quite nicely as he escorted Jennifer with a neatly trimmed hair cut and youthful biker denim to match.

All three ladies have gushed about their directorial debut on Five, Aniston said recently,

“We were intrigued by the challenge of creating short stories that would defy audiences’ expectation of the subject.”

“We wanted to balance the drama with humor and irreverence because that’s what’s helped our friends who’ve faced this get through their treatment.”

She added to ET, “Honestly, I just had so much fun, and I think when you’re around the camera for so many years you kind of just get a bit of an instinct.”

Ashton Kutcher was noticeably absent from Demi Moore’s side in New York City. The couple who celebrated their sixth wedding anniversary are battling rumors of infidelity and divorce. Reportedly Ashton slept with 23-year old Sara Leal on the eve of his anniversary. Demi hasn’t said an official word but did post this tweet on her anniversary day September 24th..

“When we are offended at any man’s fault, turn to yourself & study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.” WOW!

FIVE makes it television debut on Lifetime on October 10th at 9pm.   Catch Penelope, Patty, Jen, Alicia and Demi making their directorial debut!

Catch the full scoop on Demi Moore and Ashton’s mistress Sara Leal here.

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