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Rihanna Wears C Necklace To Christ The Redeemer Statue In Brazil

Once again the debate over Rihanna and her c*nt necklace is popping up. The Cheers singer has been spotted wearing the necklace several times now with apparently no regard to the brewing discontent. This time the gasp comes as Rihanna wore the necklace to visit the Christ the Redeemer Statue while on her stay in Brazil. Is it really that big of a deal though? Seriously, I’m OK with there being a collective gasp if this “how could she” attitude was across the board. And it’s not – so let’s move on. Not to mention this fits quite perfectly into Rihanna’s good girl gone bad image – the same image that her 45 million Facebook fans adore – not stating right or wrong. But if we’re not consistent, Rihanna doesn’t deserve any   hate either.

Moving on…the hard working singer also released her new single We Found Love from her new album. This girl is still touring and just released her seventh single from LOUD last month and already she’s releasing a new single from an untitled sixth studio album. Is this Rihanna overload?!

In case you missed it – here’s the audio again. What do you think? Also while enjoying her time in Brazil Rihanna will rock the stage again, this time at the Rock in Rio festival. Sounds like fun!

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