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Paula Patton Connects With the Cast Of "Disconnect"

Paula Patton connects with the cast of ‘Disconnect.’

The independent film produced by Liddell Entertainment and Wonderful Films Also stars Frank Grillo, Andrea Riseborough, Bill Horberg, Marc Forster and Andrew Stern. ‘Disconnect’ is about a group of people that try to connect in a technology driven world. The same devices that are meant to connect people also Disconnect them.

Paula Patton is in a good position now that she has been very selective about the projects she’s chosen to get involved with. She’s had a streak of jobs, from leading in ‘Jumping the Broom,’ then ‘Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol’ and now ‘Disconnect,’ she is definitely A-list bound.

Paula is the girl in MI and trust me, she is looking sooo good in Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. If you haven’t seen the trailer click here

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