X Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger Once Obsessed Over Paula Abdul

X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger admits to once being obsessed with co-judge Paula Abdul. Many have forgotten Paula was once a superstar, a place we’re sure Nicole would like to reach one day. Nicole stated recently about Paula,

“Growing up, I loved Paula, like I was kind of obsessed with Paula. I had like Paula Abdul wallpaper and Paula Abdul, like, gowns and everything. Yeah. I was kind of obsessed with her.”

Not only does Nicole have a chance to work with one of her idols she is on center stage with the stars; Simon, L.A Reid and Paula.

Speaking of Simon, he has quite the take (unsurprisingly) on Nicole calling her “fantastically self-centered” . He tells Jay Leno,

“She is… actually nuts. Every city she went to, she developed a different accent.”

Nicole responded in kind on Piers Morgan;

“I’m an artist, but I have actually finally met my match. I have actually found a bigger diva than myself.” Adding that she has “absolutely not” met anyone with a bigger ego than Simon and “It’s rubbing off on me, actually.”

X Factor with LA Reid, Paula Abdul, and the infamous Simon Cowell premieres tonight on Fox. Are you watching?

Bonus clip: Watch the hilarious clip below when Nicole Scherzinger stops by to discuss X Factor but caught Conan O’Brien staring at her chest! “Focus, Conan”

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